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Posted by anyman on Jun 22, 2002 at 11:10

Re: pagan days (DA Morgan)

I'm going to let your answer stand without challenge. I think it speaks volumes about how narrow a mind can be.

enter by the gate, for broad is the way and wide the gate that leads to destruction, and many are those that shall enter in...but narrow is the way and narrow the gate that leads to life, and few are they that shall enter in ----jesus (matthew 7.13-14)

please call me narrow's supposed to be part of the program :-)

however, i arrived at this narrow way by studying broadly and having travelled many of those wide roads...mine is far from a blind or an inherited, mine is an evidenced faith, based on many things seen and evidence that is everywhere around us all

he narrows it down even further when he says,

not everyone who says to me, "lord, lord" will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my father in heaven -- many will say to me in that day, "but lord, did we not...[do many things in your name]..." and i will say to them, "away from me...i never knew you ----jesus (mathew 7.21-23...ellipses and brackets mine)

in verse 13-14, he makes it clear that the way is narrow and does not include or tolerate all of the philsophies of the world (ie he refutes the "there are many different ways to get to go your way and i'll go mine...truth is relative...there are no absolutes" nonsense philosophy that is so prevalent today, and not unknown in antiquity)...

in verses 21-23, he makes it even clearer and further claims that many of those who claim the name were never even known by they were never even properly entered into the program from the start, they never even set foot on THE narrow path, regardless of whether or not they thought they were or claimed that they this latter pericope he is speaking directly and exclusively to those that believe they are and claim to be christians...sorry there is more to it than just claiming that you are a christian or believing that you are a christian or even just "believing" in god/jesus...none of those things alone or combined makes one a christian

you can't really attribute the ideas to me...jesus/god said those things...i only affirm my belief in and agreement with what he says

You attempt to prove that there is only one god, as stated in the book, by pointing to the claim in that same book that is is true. You are the poster child for circular logic.

contrary to popular opinion, science is not generally in the business of "proving" things right; it is generally in the business of proving things wrong (falsification)...and nothing in science has yet falsified anything in the book (even though may have tried, and tried for a long time)

and theology is science but that is not the only science i refer to here :-)

that said, i find you to be a poster child for illogic ...

in the post to which you were replying, i was not trying to prove the book at all...i was illustrating the book's and thus christianity's internal claims that it is exclusive and not inclusive, or that it is intolerant, of other belief systems or philosophies...the context was clear from previous posts in the thread

but you are once again parading your straw men out and torching them in effigy to no good effect

the passages referred to further above and john 14.6 et al combine to make it crystal clear that the kind of broad, virtually all encompassing tolerance that you seem to promote some days (and inconsistently/hypocritically dash against the rocks on other days) has no place in the christian philosophy

christianity, like virtually every other philosophy when you get past the fluff and down to the nitty gritty, is exclusive with it, guy, get over yourself :-)

Perhaps you need to reread the quote from King George III a few thousand more times.

would that somehow make it more relevant or applicable

it's a good quote but not of any real use to your argument

but you welcome to try again :-)

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