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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 22, 2002 at 01:56

Re: Winderz XP question... (Andy™)

Wonder if you bought a new Mboard to go with your XP? If you did, disable the onboard sound card that comes with so many new Mboards these days.
Delete the existing SB Live software you put on from the original SB cd's.
You could look on the Net, under "Sound Blaster Live updates" for > sblw9xup < Its 5553Kb big, and it self extracts. But its an original SB update.
It might be difficult to find?
If you stuck I can down load the file to you some time later today, or even post it to you on a 3" mini CD ? Either way send me which info?, and I will get it out to you. Hang on to that SB Live card with sound surround and 4 speakers its still one of the best.

I just came back from actually touching the stones at Stonehenge, I missed the football, but
the longest day is the ONLY day they allow the
long haired aged hippys onto the site, and I had promised myself to go, for the last 15 years, but
never made it before . Gonna grag 3hours sleep an I'll be back.

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