Re: Please help me I want to live too.

Posted by Dogrock on Jun 21, 2002 at 18:59

Re: Please help me I want to live too. (your average starving child.)

Most countries in the world contribute money and food for the poor and starving, that means our money and work. Plus what we might give privately to charities. It will never be enough MORALLY unless we gave all we have, but then people could lose their motivation to work. There would be no hope of personal reward or advancement except the laudable cause of feeding everyone. Most people would not sacrifice their life's effort and work for the nicest person they know, so it would be unrealistic to assume they would do it for others. You are trying to help these people, but I'm just explaining the realities of how things are, namely... we'll always be viewed as morally wrong unless we're at the bottom of humanity.

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