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DA Morgan on Jun 21, 2002 at 13:05

Re: Hypocrisy (Sparrow)

You ask:
"...are you willing to stand before the One God, Daniel and tell Him that He's not allowed to have one Way?"

My response:
I didn't say he/she couldn't.

My position is open ... human's should not, in their arrogance, draw lines in the sand. Apparently you an anyman have no problem telling others what a diety can and can not do. I'm just wondering what the foundation is for this incredible sense that you are right and everyone that disagrees with you is wrong.

I mean something more substantial than that which convinced Hitler, Stalin, Joe McCarthy, and other demagogues that they too were right. One of the founding principles in the United States, and all western democracies, is a fear of demagogues.

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