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Posted by Sulpicius on Jun 21, 2002 at 11:35

Re: Ecstasy (Andy™)

During highschool, almost all my friends turned into druggies. The sad thing is that since they took a great variety of drugs very frequently (obsessive...), I actually got to see their physical and mental health degrade rather rapidly as time went by. And this was only within the span of a couple years (say, yr10-11).

Before they took any serious drugs, I wouldn't have called any of them particularly stupid. Some of them were quite smart.

However, by the end of year11, they were undeniably stupid. They would simultaneously praise their cigarettes whilst complaining of coughing up blood in the morning. They would talk about how they did nothing but smoke pot heavily every day for 2 weeks straight (and of course, they thought absolutely nothing was wrong with it). They boasted their newly tried drugs (and subsequent addictions) like it was something to be proud of.

Taking the drugs wasn't what really bothered me. The effects were. It was sad when I could barely hold a conversation with them because they had become so mentally inept. Their memory was damaged to the point of forgetting things mere moments after I told them. They couldn't concentrate on anything. They had the conversational ability of a child, unable to recall any but the most simple words from their vocabulary (and what they did manage was done so slowly).

I tried smoking with them once (a very long time ago, before they were 'damaged'). Nothing happened. No 'buzz' or anything. I then looked at them smoking and noticed what was going on. Their smug grins, their stances as they exhaled plumes of smoke. They were smoking because they thought it made them look cool. They inhaled that crap into their lungs, gave themselves greater chance of developing lung cancer, wheeze and cough like old men, cough up blood in the morning, etc... because they thought it made them look cool. That, is stupid.

I know this isn't directly on topic, but I really needed to get that off my chest. It's been bothering me a while, and I'd rather post it on a forum with people who actually know something about the effects of drugs from a scientific point of view.

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