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Posted by anyman on Jun 21, 2002 at 07:10

Re: pagan days (DA Morgan)

How many for refusal to espouse Christianity? Islam? Communism? Fascism? Nationalism? etc

pseudo-chrisitanity (which is NOT christianity -- one example of which would be the papacy and the roman church but they are not alone on the list of pseudo-christianity) has been responsible for many tortures, murders (millions, maybe maybe MAYBE tens of millions, but it would likely be mostly limited to whatever number of deaths would be attributed to the crusades, slavery [mostly in america], apartheid in s africa, n ireland, the balkans, and the american ku kux klan, and i don't have the figures or even reasonable estimates handy...but if anyone has reasonable estimates handy, please feel free to post them...however moot the point might be to this discussion, i would be interested in having those figures for ready reference)

there would also be the relatively few attributable to pseudo-christian whackos (like david koresh and the waco whackos a few years ago among others)

however, to lay those at christianity's door step is an exercise in constructing straw which you excel, you great fluffer of straw, you :-)

that is not to say that real christianity has necessarily been entirely innocent of such things but those incidents would indeed be rare...not even relatively rare, just plain rare

real christianity does not use the sword or any other form of force to make anyone accept the doctrines and commensurate way of must, by definition, voluntarily CHOOSE to accept christianity, and it is supposed to use reason and evidence as the methodology for persuasion

islam had virtually no influence until the sword and the concept of jihad were introduced by was initially forced on most of its early adherents...

that said...and even though the quran teaches a brand of armed conquest or at least death for the infidels...most muslims today would not be found guilty of those charges is again the fringe elements that are responsible for the mayhem and death...

most muslims today would prefer "peaceful" coexistence and would only use reason and evidence (such as those are for them) to persuade others that their way is the right way...

none of which makes islam the right way or even a right is still phony philosophy...and it tragically gives its adherents a false hope...and yes, it is one of satan's many tools among which are all of the phony philosophies that he uses for spiritual murder

To me, anyman, and his kind are frightening and send a chill down my spine. They are the only group of humans capable of justifying the worst that humanity can dish out and disguising it under the cloak of being an act of goodness. Reminds me of Orwell's 1984.

Torture is love.
Murder is goodness.
Disease is an act of kindness.

i don't know what to say...

i don't justify anything of the sort...nor does the book

i have never tortured anyone, i have never murdered anyone, and i have never given anyone a blanket infected with smallpox

more importatnly i haven't done any of those things since i embraced the christian philosophy

you are again building straw men and tilting at windmills

i don't do those things, i don't teach others to do those things...i teach that those things are wrong

but what i teach is not important...the important thing is that the book does not teach those things and in fact teaches that those things are wrong

but you welcome to try again :-)

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