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Posted by anyman on Jun 21, 2002 at 05:42

Re: pagan days (DA Morgan)

My one word response:

for the same reason that one cannot at the same time believe that the universe is eternal and created...the concepts are antithetical, they are diametrically opposed to one another

in the same way, all of the philosophies of the world, while sometimes having some things in common, also have concepts that are antithetical, diametrically opposed to one another

it's a matter of logic

once again, it is possible for all of us to be wrong, and it is possible for someone to be right...but it is not possible for all of us to be right

You might just be wrong

you won't get any disagreement from me on this statement :-)

in fact, you quoted me

"...either all of us are wrong..."

and apparently didn't understand it...again displaying either inability to read or lack of hermeneutical skills

obviously, i don't believe that i am wrong or i would not stand by the things that i say...i probably wouldn't even waste the time saying them...but i have often and everywhere acknowledged the possibility :-)

you might just be wrong too :-)

In fact ... most people on this planet think you are. Including people that read the same book

you'll get no argument on this one either...

however, i don't need to point out all the many and myriad times that the majority have been wrong in history :-)

if you read the book (more history), particularly the prophets, but it is plain everywhere else too, you will find that the majority was almost always wrong...and there were some lonely voices

no...i do not equate myself with the prophets; i'm not even a little bit close...but that they were of the minority opinion opposed to the vast majority (even of those that read the same book) again and again and again, is an interesting parallel :-)

Are you willing to stand in front of your god and tell him (or her) that they are not allowed to appear in different ways to different peoples? Willing to tell that god that he (or she) is only allowed one book?

i don't stand in front of him and tell him anything about how or what he can or cannot do...that's his business...and he's a whole lot smarter than me

but he does tell us a lot about who he is and what he will do and how and sometimes even when and where and why he will do it

and my god and his book claim internally that there is only one god, that he is self-consistent, that there is only one book, and that there is only one way (eg john 14.6)

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