you have perhaps led a sheltered life...

Posted by anyman on Jun 21, 2002 at 04:12

Re: I think anyman's got the match point here... (I. S.)

or there may be some other reason for your naivete

i find it hard to believe that you have never heard any of this before...aside from the fact that i have made similar statements at least a couple of times previously on this board...others have said, and said better, essentially the same thing before me

if lumping those guys together twists your mind, let me throw in some more...if you can't can't see the commonality, i probably can't help you

add freud, maslow, and of course everybody's whipping boy, hitler to the mix...

the charge against them (all of them and more) and darwinian evolution which is the cornerstone of their worldview and justification for their actions has been levelled many times before

and rightly so :-)

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