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DA Morgan on Jun 20, 2002 at 11:34

Re: pagan days (anyman)

You wrote:
"...either all of us are wrong or someone is right we cannot all be right..."

My one word response:

Are you so full of yourself as to believe that your pathetic human understanding of a diety limits that diety to only being capable of what you personally perceive?

Are you willing to stand in front of your god and tell him (or her) that they are not allowed to appear in different ways to different peoples? Willing to tell that god that he (or she) is only allowed one book?

And I thought I was arrogant. You've got me beat by a lightyear.

I think a bit of humility might be in order. You might just be wrong. In fact ... most people on this planet think you are. Including people that read the same book.

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