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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 20, 2002 at 07:37

Re: the answer is no (DA Morgan)

That is as silly as the original "balanced means cooling" statement. Have you ever heard of a black box experiment? The heat radiating outward is the TOTAL of all heat radiating outward. The sun is the only source of heat coming inward. You could have 1e100 blast furnaces going full blast on the earth and the temperature wouldn't change if all the energy coming into the system is balanced by energy going out of the system.

"To be balanced the earth must radiate back into space all solar radiation, all heat created by fission, all heat created by the cooling of the earth's interior, and all heat generated by its various life forms."

Yep. That's what balanced means. So 100% balanced doesn't make it hotter or colder.

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