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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 20, 2002 at 07:09

Re: ozone layer is thinning... (DA Morgan)

The first article reports that the maximum ozone is not where expected and the second reports how it is not changing as was expected.

The first article describes recent work done in determining that the maximum amount of ozone occurs in the troposphere rather than the stratosphere as was previously thought. An interesting comment from that article is “Satellites equipped with tools such as the total ozone mapping spectrometer, better known as TOMS, monitor the global ozone distribution. But, says Thompson, "satellites aren't yet capable of the kind of resolution that we want."

The second article discusses the previously accepted theory of stratospheric ozone over Antarctica decreasing due to manmade pollution. An important (IMHO) statement is “The Japanese work contradicts previous models, which showed that ozone depletion could get worse before it gets better. A landmark 1998 study even suggested that an unanticipated hole could appear over the Arctic as a result of the indirect effects of greenhouse gas production on ozone depletion. The new research, based on a higher-resolution model, suggests that ozone recovery may not be so influenced by greenhouse gas concentrations as was previously thought.”

Both reports state that with higher resolution measurements of atmospheric ozone, it turns out the previous disaster scenarios may have been over done.

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