Re: pagan days

Posted by anyman on Jun 19, 2002 at 23:37

Re: pagan days (DA Morgan)

either all of us are wrong or someone is right

we cannot all be right

i already made it clear that no one, including me, likes hearing that their philosophy is phony or that their bilge is bogus...but that does not mean that we must necessarily resort to physical violence or even become unfriendly (in the big picture, aside from the heat of the moment) toward one another

there are certainly exceptions to this (see matthew 18.17; 1 corinthians 5.5, 10-11; 2 john 1.10; et al)

i stand unashamedly by what i said

the good news, or the bad news, is...we all gonna know the answer someday

and please don't get me wrong...i would rather never be involved in telling folks they are wrong when it comes to such things...or telling women about their equality albeit differing roles in the church, family, and society...or decrying darwinian et al evolution as the single most dangerous philosophy on the planet today...or any other contentious thing for that matter

i'd rather be playing golf

but...when i hear false teaching from so many different directions, i forego the joys of a good walk chasing ball with stick, so that at least some will know that there are alternatives and that they are to be preferred

nor have i forgotten 2 timothy 3.16

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