Re: pagan days (REVISED)

Posted by anyman on Jun 19, 2002 at 22:24

Re: pagan days (REVISED) (DA Morgan)

are you now accusing me of being or claiming to be too tolerant :-) rofl rofl rofl

let me recompose myself for a moment, please :-)

your illogic is once again centerstage and your lack of hermeneutical skill is lamentable...but demonstrable in so many places on this board

prostitution is a far cry from abstaining from certain foods by is suggested in the case of *weaker brothers* (see romans 14...and no, that is not going to justify celebrating halloween :-)...granted they are not my brothers in that sense of the word or in the context therein...but the principle may be extended

and then there is this other small item...i am not the one claiming tolerance are

i teach that we should be intolerant of some's all a matter of where we draw our lines

i like to draw mine where the book does as best i can welcome to try again :-)

(i may have to take several showers today if i can't stay up off the floor :-)

i certainly wouldn't respect anyone that believed prostitution was part of their religion

i do however respect everyone's right to choose to believe what they like

if it were my daughter, i still wouldn't pull out a gun and shoot her or burn her at the stake...i would certainly make it clear that what she was doing was wrong...i would do all i could to persuade her to leave that life

on the other hand...if i were a jew before the death of christ, and thereby under the law of moses (the law of moses was always and ONLY intended for the jews, whether they were born jews or converted for some reason or another; it was never intended to be binding for non-jews)...well...even in the mosaic law i find no requirement to put one's daughter to death for prostitution

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