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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 19, 2002 at 09:49

Re: Brain teaser (I. S.)

At the risk of being wrong twice in one day ( a new personal record? :-) ) My answer of assuming the answer to prove the answer was correct but not complete. If G contained only P and Q then my reasoning would have been flawed. We would be moving from k=1 which has been proven to k=2. But G contains at least 3 elements P, Q, and R (step 9). Therefore we are not discussing the transition from k to k+1 where k=1 but rather we are discussing k>=2 to k>=3. To say that all people in group G are the same age then you have to assume that each pair of people in the group have the same age (Iím back to step 7). This is always true groups containing only one person but is not always true for pairs of people.

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