Re: self made publicity

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jun 19, 2002 at 09:43

Re: self made publicity (anyman)

Listen not to them that pray (prey?) in the tents and circuses, in the colosseums and public fora, on the street corners and public places where they can be seen and heard by all; for verily they are hypocrites; they pray for recognition, and to lead others in their ways, which are wrong and evil. They have their reward, all they will ever have, in the instant of their doing.

Go you to your private place, even if it is a cupboard or a closet, and speak your prayer to the Almighty, with the words your heart sends you; for even a whisper is heard, if it is truly sincere, and the roaring of the multitude doth not fall any more pleasingly on the ear of the divine than it does on our own or the ear of our beloved.

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