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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jun 19, 2002 at 00:40

Re: self made publicity (Andy™)

"Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham are all wealthy individuals who have people pay for their broadcasts by donations, which their staff produces. "

They are also religious right wing extremists. If my memory serves me right, and it is fallible, they have in the past advocated such extreme behaviors as "nuking" communist countries, disenfranchising homosexuals, expatriating Black Americans to Africa, expelling Jews, prohibiting divorce even in clear cases of abuse, and the total and unequivocal ban of all abortion.

These are men with an extreme agenda, a lot of ego, beaucoup money, and gobs of charisma. They could survive and flourish in no other country but America. They are the logical extention of Hitler in a free-market economy; and in my opinion they are just as dangerous. They see things in black and white; there is no mercy and no shade of gray. They stir people to a fever-pitch of actionary hyperactivity and exhort them to go out and purge the evil from their midst, but when they pick the wrong victim to pillory and destroy, and bring them down into the mire and savagely destroy their lives, families, reputations, cast them from the heart of the community with lies and baseless accusations, they have no remorse when they find out, too late, that they were wrong. Hardly more than a cursory "I'm sorry" is ever heard; not much to pay for a life destroyed in error.

These are not nice men. They do not want to see this country, or any other, live in peace and harmony. They want want this country to contain only people like themselves, perfect in every way. Make no mistake, in their eyes, they are the righteous and deserving; the rest of us are vermin to be tolerated until we can be eliminated.

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