Re: pagan days

Posted by anyman on Jun 18, 2002 at 23:05

Re: pagan days (I. S.)

and i am not here or anywhere else soliciting anyone's appreciation

those philosophies are phony...they are false teachings...and i don't hide that from any of them

i don't appreciate having my views labelled as such and far worse either...but i still remain friendly with many that label me and my ideas as bogus...any(every)--man is entitled to think what he likes

i teach truth...unashamedly

if others don't like it, they move on...but quite frankly, i count some of them among my friends and they have not yet moved on

go figure :-)

maybe they see something that you can't...they see that i love and help others in very real ways without prejudice against color or faith or thoughts

you only know anyman by the words on this board...without the accompanying inflection and body language

they get to see his words in action, they also read about and hear from others about the things that he does in the community for those in need...regardless of color, creed, ethnicity, age, or past follies

and then there are the times, since anyman is far from perfect, that they get to see his words inactive, and that sometimes his actions are contrary to his words...and that is to my shame

but...they also recognize when one is making an effort to live a decent life however far he falls short...

as opposed to one that is just spouting words or claiming belief without deeds...often but not always for monetary gain

yeah...they know the difference and my guess is, that is why they haven't moved least for now

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