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Posted by anyman on Jun 18, 2002 at 22:12

Re: pagan days (DA Morgan)

i have never tried to physically deny anyone entrance to an abortion clinic or anything like that

perhaps i am remiss in those matters, i don't know...but i prefer another tactic

i prefer my battles in the intellectual realm these days, in the world's marketplace of ideas...more reasonable in most physically dead people or even physically hurt (folks still have a chance to wake up)...and far more fun :-)
i am tolerant of others in so far as i allow them to voice their ideas...but i will not tolerate the teaching of phony philosophy quietly...rather than pull out a gun or setting fire to the stake...i set out information, with alternative words and ideas to counter

Oh you have no problem with them so long as they don't do anything they believe in

i think my friends of the islamic (including afghans, palestinians, sudanese, syrians, etc), buddhist, hindu, jewish, shinto, and atheistic communities in this community would be amused by your statement

when we eat together, i often refrain from dishes that would offend them...only after they assure me a number of times that they will not be offended do i eat whatever i want (even though god has some very strong words about those that would impose dietary restrictions in this era...see acts 10.9-16; 1 timothy 4.1-3...whew, very intolerant too, eh)...even then i do not use my utensils when getting food from the dishes that they have ordered...i do those thiings out of tolerance for their beliefs...but they never leave with the idea that it's okay...i still try to teach them truth...and exactly why is unclear to me, but they still listen (whether they agree or disagree) and we are still friends and pretty fair ones at that...we don't avoid one another, we seek one another out to offer greetings or to plan some outing or another

one of my buddhist friends is a buddhist nun...she comes to worship with me and attends some of my wide ranging times, i speak pointedly against what she believes...afterward (at least once a week) we go to eat together, sometimes discussing things further, sometimes not...she doesn't even use certain spices (like garlic or pepper, etc) that might incite desire (pretty bland veggie stuff mostly)...i don't mix my utensils in her dishes either, i always ask for extra clean ones so that if i want to try what she's got, i can...we deal with that and go on
yeah...i think they would find your statement highly amusing

But let them decide to explore cloning or the use of fetal stem cells and your blood pressure soars. Let them decide that they think it is ok if they and their followers have an abortion and you go running for a law book and a cop

well i've never gone for a cop; i've never tried to physically prevent anyone from entering an abortion clinic; i spend hours every week in two laboratories where cloning is carried out (none that i'm aware of with fetal stem cells); i do cloning

but yeah, you right, murder does affect my blood pressure some and i do refer to the book and would like to see the laws of the land brought into line with the book...but i don't see any hypocrisy in that

Your tolerance extends only so far as they behave like good God fearing white anglo saxon Christians

that's an interesting statement...the first christians were neither white nor anglo-saxon...sipend little time with people that are white (not because there's anything wrong with white folks) most of my friends and associates these days are people of color...and i'm sure that i could safely say that is true for more than 95% of the people that are regularly in my life these days

and i tolerate many around me (friends, acquaintances, and strangers) that are hardly god fearing folks

i tolerate them but i do not tolerate their phony philosophies...and they have no misunderstanding about what i believe or tolerate

I call that hypocrisy

part of the reason is that i don't promote or teach the nonsense brand of tolerance that you do is that according to your definition, one should tolerate those that kill innocent people to further their cause...i call it terrorism, they call it collateral damage in a righteous revolution

would you tolerate someone that believed eating or sacrificing your children was okay (using fetal stem cells is sacrificing children)

we all draw our lines somewhere...i teach that we should be intolerant of some things...and even my preferred form of intolerance is relatively mild...therefore i find no hypocrisy in this part of my philosophy or life (don't worry, i've got plenty elsewhere :-)

but you spout tolerance and are one of the most intolerant people on the face of the planet, just like so many others of your ilk

but you welcome to try again :-)

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