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Andy™ on Jun 18, 2002 at 20:13

Re: jesus christ... (DA Morgan)

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Billy Graham are all wealthy individuals who have people pay for their broadcasts by donations, which their staff produces.
Christian policy is typically to spread the word as far and wide as they can, most fail when it comes to the (also required) follow-up. Reguardless, these people are self-made famous. Once they've become so famous, naturally when their hand is caught in a certain cookie jar, or Billy has a birthday or another bypass, the news will mention it.

How many Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, Shinto and other religion's clerics have television specials and many many organizations and lobbyist groups reporting to them?
I can count them on one hand... Less, actually.

Different religion, different stances, different publicity. It's not a bias on the part of the network, obviously.

Oh, and since I was 12, I've not taken what I am from TV. I've not even watched TV besides Nature and National Geographic a few weeks ago for almost a year now. Unless DVD movies and Star Treks downloaded count, but I hardly change who or what I am by how badly Van Damme beats someone down.

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