Re: pagan days

Posted by anyman on Jun 18, 2002 at 09:42

Re: pagan days (I. S.)

my studies and interests range far outside the confines of the book

people are free to celebrate or worship as they wish...we were after all created with the freedom to choose

but if i were running the media or a school or a country or the world, i would do all that i could to prevent folks from being exposed to phony philosophy aside from making them aware of it in the context of phony philosophy...the study of phony philosophy is worthwhile if one will learn to recognize it for what it is :-)

which is one reason that i don't believe that teaching evolution ought to be banned from the schools...i do however agree with what they tried to do in kansas, virginia, ohio, etc, none of which tried or are trying to restrict the teaching of evolution in any way, but rather to point out its problems and provide opportunity for the exploration of alternative explanations :-)

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