Re: And if it did, Global Cooling would replace it.

Posted by Southern Man on Jun 18, 2002 at 08:45

Re: And if it did, Global Cooling would replace it. (Mike Kremer)

"Lets asume Global warming has happened, we are 500 years in the future. Sea levels are some 50-100ft higher"

Global warming could cause a fall in sea level.

The sea level rise in the past 100 years has been approximately 6 inches. Those who assume that global warming is accelerating predict that the sea level might rise as much as 1.5 feet in the next 100 years. The US EPA is a little more reserved and predicts 1 foot per century.

The IPCC (the UN environmentalist radicals) say that during the past 100 years the temperature has risen 0.5 -1.1 F but “The IPCC concluded that, except for data from inland glaciers, there were insufficient data to demonstrate a temperature effect on sea level rise for the past 100 years.” The IPCC also said “The available data indicated that, based on models, the temperature increase could have caused anything from a 7 1/2-inch decline to a 14-inch rise in sea levels” Since the 22-inch range of uncertainty in the IPCC's estimates of past sea level change is four times greater than the six-inch range of measured sea level rise, one could argue that our ability to forecast the effects of temperature on sea level rise is so limited as to be virtually worthless.

All of this, though, is overshadowed by your prediction of 10-20 feet per century. If I were you I think I would be more worried about Martian invasions than rising sea levels. And, before you say I don’t have a right to say don’t worry because it won’t bother me, I am typing this while sitting at about 10 feet above sea level and can watch the tide change 3 blocks away. You could change the level 3 feet in the next century and no one would notice. Can you understand why I’d be opposed to spending a lot of money to try to prevent something that may not happen and wouldn’t be noticed if it did?

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