And if it did, Global Cooling would replace it.

Posted by Bobbapink on Jun 17, 2002 at 17:50

Re: Global Warming Just Won't Go Away (DA Morgan)

People will be five times as rich in a hundred years' time. And if we are willing to postpone that prosperity by just two years, we could fix global warming into the bargain.

Assumes global warming is happening now and the trend will continue in accordance with the extremely flawed models.

Assumes global warming needs to be fixed – i.e. mankind would not benefit more in the aggregate by the warming than if the warming did not occur. That has not been demonstrated.

Assumes people now would be willing to expend resources and make sacrifices for people that are not yet living. I doubt it. They might be willing to pay it a bit of lip service but I suspect that’s about it – and even then, only for a while and only if they could be convinced that assumption one and two were BOTH correct.

Assumes global warming can be fixed by the implementation of Kyoto or a similar cost protocol. Clearly it might delay it a couple or six years but that’s all. So if it’s going to be fixed by that method, the cost is clearly going to far exceed the anticipated amount. Even the IPCC admits that Kyoto is just the start. So since it will be far more that the study’s criteria, the study’s findings are moot and not worth the bandwidth they’re printed on.

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