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Posted by bobba on Jun 17, 2002 at 10:47

Re: star trek gets real... (Southern Man)

No gun evn today can create the required velocity of the projectile and, if it did, the projectile would burn up while leaving the atmosphere just as meteorites burn up coming in.

That's true but we're getting there. I just thought this was interesting even if not very practical. snip...

WSTF HVI Test Facility has .07, .17, .30, .50, and 1 caliber two-stage light gas gun launchers capable of propelling 0.25 to 22 mm diameter projectiles to velocities in excess of 7.0 km/s (16,000 mi/h).

Flash x-ray systems and high-speed cameras are used to verify projectile integrity while the projectiles are in flight and the subsequent impacts. The high-speed cameras image the projectile at two million frames per second.

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