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Re: Tax Breaks and Revolutions (Eudaemonic Pie)

How private is private?

Ah! the real crux of the matter. My views are fairly well (and very briefly) described in a response to another poster here where I said:

Now Iíll set the record straight. I want a clean environment. I want land and animal conservation. I want the air I breathe to be clean and the water I drink to be safe. I want everything you do, probably, but I just have a different approach as to how to bring that about. I donít want factories dumping filth into lakes and rivers nor do I want them spewing poison into the air. I believe in a certain level of environmental regulation as it pertains to common commodities, and I admit that capitalist interests require a certain level of oversight to ensure compliance. But in believing all of this, I do not believe in the needless suffering, poverty, and death that these regulations and oversight can, and have, so easily caused for the sole purpose of advancing a political agenda having little or nothing to do with the environment, or, in many cases, which are quite detrimental to the environment or people in the long term. The Kyoto accord is the perfect example of the former, the ban on DDT a perfect example of the latter.

Emphasis new.

As Reagan so aptly put it regarding the USSR's conformance to nuclear disarmament treaties, "Trust, but verify." (Reagan use to be one of my heroes till I got a political clue. Then he became a sub-hero. Good, but not really great.)

Still Mr. Pie (or is it Mrs., Miss, or Ms) Iím really quite a novice in all sciences, political and economic included. From your implied resume, you appear to be quite the learned in these areas. And since it is never my intention to mislead any in any manner, Iíd appreciate any criticism one such as your self might be obliged to offer. Or even strict admonishment if need be.


your pal bobba the pink

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