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Andy™ on Jun 15, 2002 at 21:02

Re: The writer of Jaws... (Amaranth Rose)

Are you sure that this is what you intended to say? ???

Yes, but since the internet robbed me of facial expression and tone of voice, the sarcasm was lost in the ether.

Big white isn't the highest on the attack chart, mainly because divers know to get the hell out of his way, whereas other sharks I've watched divers swim around and basically torment them, hanging from their fin, turning them around in the water...
Great white shows up, they scramble out of his path and back into the boat. =P

Interestingly, I found that most of the attacks great whites are responcible for are done by the younger ones, I suppose they're taste testing.
ALSO interestingly, the people they bite are normally males, between 20 and 25... =D Wow, I can't understand that... nope... makes no sense.

Sharks, especially the bigguns, are required by survival to taste everything they come across to see if it's edible. People are easy to catch, but once most sharks taste one of us they realizes how NASTY we are.
Most of my shark knowledge is years old from Nature, Science magazines, and national Geographic. Maybe they found out that Great Whites sleep with a teddy bear and tuck their kids in at night, but I doubt it. =P
Great Whites are killers, it's what they do, it's why they exist. People not smart enough to steer clear of them, typically get what's coming to them sooner or later.

...Like me in a minisub looking for a giant squid. People are like sheep, aren't we?

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