Re: the two forms of energy in question here.

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paul baughn on Jun 15, 2002 at 14:34

Re: the two forms of energy in question here. (paul baughn)

oh I see where you are stateing that I made a mistake...
and your correct...

I forgot to square the velocity.

if the 100 kg mass moves a distance of 10 meters
in 1 second the knietic energy of the moving mass would be.

velocity = 10 m
10 m^2 = 100
ke=1/2mv^2= 50 kg * 100 = 5000 J

big difference there seems like that should have been the mistake you should have pointed out.

rather than move my words around by stating that it would " FALL " a certain distance in in one second.

seems that I should be used to this by now yet
I find that this type of trickery is common among
scientist and engineers.

they are constantly trying to confuse me.

and never can supply an honest reply.

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