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paul baughn on Jun 15, 2002 at 12:28

Re: the two forms of energy in question here. (Southern Man)

if I lift 100 kg.

f=mg=100 kg * 9.8m/sec^2 = 980. N

if I lift the 100 kg to a height of 10 m

w=f*d=980.N * 10 m = 980 J

if the 100 kg mass moves a distance of 10 meters
in 1 second the knietic energy of the moving mass would be.

ke=1/2mv^2= 50 kg * 10 = 500 J

do you see the difference here?

there are two different amounts of energy.

yet they are dealing with the same mass.

980 J to move it and 500 J while it is moving.

1) if a larger mass can be moved with the 980 J and
2) due to the movement of that mass the mass has kinetic energy then
if the kinetic energy of that moving mass is greater than the
980 J then there is overunity concerning the two energies.

if kinetic energy is (not really a energy) then I am wrong.

if kinetic energy (is really a energy) then I am right.


take a pipe that will hold exactly 1 m^3 per meter in lenght.

fashion it so that 10 meters are verticle
and 1000 meters are horizontal.

place a cap on the end that is horizontal.

fill the pipe with water.

take the cap off.

if water comes out at ???? meters per second you will have to replace
that volume into the 10 meter lenght of pipe each second.

you must maintain a steady discharge of ???? meters per second.

the density of water is 1000 kg m^3
1 m^3 of water has a mass of = 1000 kg

lifting the 1m^3 of water

f=mg=1000kg * 9.8m/sec^2=9800 N

lift the 1000 kg to 10 meters

w = md=9800 N * 10 m = 98000 J

if the velocity of the mass of fluid moving through the 1000 m pipe
is only 1 m/sec

ke=1/2mv^2=500000 kg * 1 = 500,000 J

in a real world situation the velocity would be greater.

check my math please and tell me where I am wrong here.

here is a realworld figure calculated by the pipe
4.5 m/sec full pipe flow through
a 48" dia smooth wall corrugated plastic pipe with a head pressure
relative to a columb of water 10 meters in height.
and a (level) pipe 1000 meters in lenght.

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