Re: Don't be so hard on them...

Posted by Southern Man on Jun 15, 2002 at 08:30

Re: Don't be so hard on them... (DA Morgan)

So let's try again. Back to the beginning. You started this by ridiculing an author for the typo of not superscripting a number in a science article. You wanted to claim that people need to be more vigilant in there acceptance of what they read. You thought this very important but you seem blind to the fact that you bought every line the political reporters were writing at the time about an EPA report. When called on this your only response seems to be that you know what you were told it said and you don’t want to be bothered to actually read it. You know that “ten million light years is about six times 1019 miles” and anyone who says otherwise is obviously wrong because you read it in the newspaper and heard it on the radio.

So tell us, where does the EPA report disagree with any other statement coming out of the administration? Not just what you believe it might say but a direct quote from the report and another from the administration. You imply that GWB is an idiot but without some evidence this seems more a reflection of your own intellectual capabilities that his.

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