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Posted by bobbapink on Jun 15, 2002 at 08:04

Re: Great Quotes (DA Morgan)

Here's my original posting copied verbatim
from above. "Has there ever been a good study
done by any responsible parties supporting the
fact that industry is responsible for
environmental damage or do you just blanket
reject them all out of hand? If there is one you
agree with ... which one?"

Nope. This is your original post.

If you think any of your responses meet that
criteria ... note my use of the word "industry".
Note my use of the words "environmental damage".
Then I see one of two possibilities.
1. English is not your first language.
2. You are smoking way to much dope.

The study i linked regarded both industry and environmental damage they cause.

I personally thought you had more integrity
than this little exercise has demonstrated. Like
I said ...

I guess that means you didn't like the link. Too bad.

I thought you'd say "asbestos", we'd be in
agreement, and you'd not make the wholly
negative impression this is making.

I told you i never read the study. Post or link it and i'll consider it. Or perhaps you'd rather me base my conclusions on what the popular media, or funnier yet, what you say it says?

What the heck lets try it ... do you think
the studies done on people in Montana living
near vermiculite mines are valid and warrant a
government crackdown and the culprits being
given serious jail time?

Haven't read the study. Post it or a link and i'll consider it.

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