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Re: Privatization is the answer (DA Morgan)

That you could ask:
"How exactly are the fisheries destroying the environment?"
demonstrates two things to me.
1. You have been hiding under a rock for the last few decades.
2. You missed the entire point of this thread. I have not used the word "environment" once. My point is that owners of natural resources will exploit them to maximize short-term profit ... not act as though the long-term survival of that resource matters.

If i missed the point, it is no one's fault but your own. My point was privatization is the answer for better management of natural resources. Regarding that, you stated:

Take a good look at corporate structures in the US and around the world. No corporation manages its resources for the long-term.

And i replied:

I disagree. Perhaps you could provide a few examples of a corporation mismanaging a natural resource they personally own and for which they are personally responsible in a legal sense.

emphasis new.

And as an example, you brought up fisheries. Wow. Since the subject was privatization, it is only natural that I would assume you were referring to private fisheries. Now, trying my best to follow your thread of illogic, and since a private fishery produces resources (the fish) and does not deplete resources that I know of, the only impact i could reasonable deduce you were talking about was an environmental one. It appears I was mistaken.

I should have known better.

I asked for an example concerning privately managed resources and you responded with an example of a publicly managed resource. Go figure. Par for [your] course.

But, while we are on the subject, I rather like the idea of privatizing vast areas of oceans for fishing rights. Not only would it raise a lot of money for the govíment, but the little fishy population would no doubt thrive as a result and the prices I pay for seafood would also no doubt decrease greatly. Imagine buying flounder for two dollars a pound. I like it.

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