The Universe 7 Days Old? (from below)

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 13, 2002 at 20:37

I did not reply to this previous posting because I opted not to read it. Since in my view, its head-line cried out, trash. The original posting is buried below, just 7 days ago.
I do not understand the point Ralph Propst made, regarding speeding protons perceiving that time has passed. I think Protons live forever. Its only living life that perceives time. Only intelligent life can count the vibrations of Atoms, or radio activety and determine a length of time.
Why should Protons decay and die? Since they have alread HAVE split from a Neutron, together with an Electron. Now an Electron can't be split(die) So why should a Proton? I believe the Proton is as small as it can get. Okay, its bigger than a Quark, but I dont believe it can be split down anymore. A free Proton could be immortal, (outlive the Universe?) Not sure? Well tell me then why have they have been looking for even a single Proton to decay, for a dozen years in deep underground mine shafts. They hav'nt found one, not one, out of the zillions that must have passed through. Something wrong somewhere, prehaps theory expects it to end up as a mess of Quarks? If a Proton cannot be split....theory could be wrong. You mention that if the universe expansion slows, ...Protons will decay, and all matter cease to exist?
Well Protons, Electrons, Photons and probably Neutrino's were atleast four of the first particles to be thrown out by the Big bang. I believe there are also anti-Protons. Since there are always fewer of the 'anti-anythings' around than the normal +v's, and yet there a still anti-Protons around, leftover from the beginnings of time. They not decayed. So I guess matter, and therefore us, are safe.
In addition....just suppose a Proton could split, and Im talking splitting naturally, not in the Sun or in some yet unbuilt Mega Volt Collider, (I am not sure what theory thinks it would split into anyway, just as one cannot have half an Electron) It would only cause the Scientists to revamp their theorys.....we will still be here.

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