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Andy™ on Jun 13, 2002 at 20:35

Re: Jesus (CANS) (I. S.)

it begs the question.....
Who... really cares?

The facts of life remain:

1. The View is an incredibly annoying show that offered nothing every but said annoyance to me every time I saw it. Maybe it's because I'm male, I don't know.

2. The dual-standard between Christianity and other religions is obvious. If she'd said "Praise Muhhamad, Allah, etc." she wouldn't have been edited.

3. Anyone with a TV should know this... and also know that editing the name of Christ out of shows like The View means nothing. Nothing at all. Does ANYONE really think the editing of the word "Jesus" from The View has any real effect on anyone's life? If anything it makes people say, "huh? Why'd they do that? Was she swearing? What's going on? HEY, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS STUPID SHOW?? AHHH!!" *click*

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