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mara on Jun 13, 2002 at 14:13

Re: A question of integrity (DA Morgan)

i am not going to reply directly to the question you suggested.

i read the article about drought and the quote was presented "It's still speculative and the model isn't very refined, but it is interesting."

instead, i am going to mention some info that i heard about some group or groups sending milk to Africa.

i don't know the exact details about this, but i do have a comment and a question or two.

comment: most of the adults in Africa have developed the ability to reject lactose in milk.

if people who do not tolerate lactose do ingest it they can become mentally retarded.

question !. was the milk that was sent to Africa lactose-free ?
question 2 was the milk sent to Africa given only to children who had not yet developed the ability to reject lactose ?

i know this is not the specific topic of the question, but it is a situation in which outside influence may have harmed people, even if unwittingly.

i do not know what can be done, if anything, to prevent drought, but something can be done about sending a product to a population that does not tolerate it physically

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