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Posted by Bobba on Jun 13, 2002 at 08:01

Re: Unbelievable (CPS) (I. S.)

Consider this...

He tried repeatedly to warn British, Nato and US officials about the leak. But his warnings were set aside. One officer wrote back to tell him that the problem was a "known hardware limitation".

In the context of this...

The Pentagon tried to open an office of disinformation, but got such an outcry from friends of truth that they shut it down again 9 days later – or, at least they say they shut it down. But really, when did you ever hear of a government office that was shut down, once started? It was called the “Office of Strategic Influence” and was to have been headed by Air Force General Simon Worden. Anyone who was asked about it was so vague in their replies that there was obviously something being covered up, and disinformation (bureaucrat-ese for “lies”) was the top candidate on the list. Nine days later, Defense Secretary Rumsfield said, “The office has clearly been so damaged that it is pretty clear to me that it could not function effectively. So it is being closed down.”

For example, the part of your link that stated "One officer wrote back to tell him that the problem was a "known hardware limitation" was either a mistatement, misquote, or outright lie. No such limitation exists. BTW, the idea of open transmission of spy plane recon was lifted straight from the pages of a Tom Clancy novel, though the title escapes me.

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