the universe is ~6kyo

Posted by anyman on Jun 13, 2002 at 04:59

Re: the universe is ~6kyo (Southern Man)

more satisfying than most but still doesn't deal with the failure of the balloon and raisinbread analogues

in those examples the individual units always move away from one another...there is no moving toward one another

further if we are moving toward andromeda (or vice versa) and we are then together moving toward virgo, albeit at different speeds, then where does that stop...are we and andromeda and virgo all moving toward something else...

in other words, we can't be the only ones...this must be happening many times over elsewhere with other objects...the net effect being that a big crunch scenario is still the ultimate end

in any event, although it sounds reasonable on initial superficial glance, it is nothing like the proposed models found in the balloon or the raisinbread or in the current literature

the other remote possibility is that there are many *cleavlands* (or a washington, new york, chicago, denver, dallas, new orleans, atlanta, miami, etc toward which all of these different trajectories are moving together

if the models are right, how do we get on the same road toward seems that we should all be going in different directions

big crunch, even the oscillating universe model seem to have long since gone out of vogue...although some of the most recent suggestions are similar in some ways to the oscillating model with two branes collide with the net effect of basically nothing internally (at least in our observed universe :-) except that there is somehow an infusion of energy with the result that the universe then becomes essentially eternal for all intents and purposes leaving us otherwise unaffected for the most part (ie no major upset of status quo :-)

still a tough sell here...sorry

sounds real pretty though :-)

but i am not beyond hope...i'd still like to work through if you've got more...bring it...and bring you're lunch :-)

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