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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 12, 2002 at 08:55

Re: the universe is ~6kyo (anyman)

You seem to be getting closer. :-)

“says that we are "moving at a very high speed with respect to the CMB toward the Virgo Supercluster" and maybe it was andy that, most recently, pointed out elsewhere that we are on a collision course with andromeda(?) in particular, dano, agreed that this was so (at least in andy's(?) case) “

“but i don't care how one desires to twist it, or spin it, or in what esoteric astrophysical terms one would like to couch it...these two concepts cannot both be is impossible “

There is no paradox with this. Let’s try an analogy. You are driving down the highway toward Cleveland. You are traveling faster than both the car behind and the car in front. You appear to be approaching the car in front and receding from the car behind. Yet you are all traveling in the direction of Cleveland. Works for me.

Now imagine smacking a cue ball into a rack of balls and looking at where they are a few seconds later. Originally all except the cue ball were traveling together at the same speed around the sun but later they are all traveling at different speeds and directions.

If we assume a long time has elapsed since the creation of the local stars there has been time for gravity to rearrange the velocities of each star so that some seem to be approaching while others appear to be receding. Yet like the pool balls that are generally still moving around the sun, our local stars are still generally moving away from the center of the CMB at a high rate of speed. We are approaching Andromeda (or Andromeda is approaching us) and we are both moving in the direction of Virgo.

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