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Posted by bobbapink on Jun 11, 2002 at 18:18

Re: overunity (paul baughn)

in your proposed invention. you are using a amount of potential energy to lift the same amount of potential energy.

Not to mention grinding some corn into meal! By the way, it isn't my "invention." It was first proposed by Robert Fludd around 1618. There were many free-energy proponents before him, and many more after. You are but one in a long line of failures and con-men (i don't know which category you fall into - maybe both)

in this scenario there is a equalibrium.

If it weren't for that darn friction (not to mention corn grinding) you'd be right.

if you look at the trought that carries the lifted potential energy to the water wheel you will notice that there is an additional amount of kinetic energy being produced by the water flowing to the wheel.

huh? I notice no such thing.

and by the water flowing from the bottom of the wheel to the screw pump. this amount of kinetic energy is being wasted.

There is no energy wasted because there is no energy created.

Think of energy as just another thing - because that's exactly what it is. If you put three balls in a jar, shake it up and down, then empty the jar, would you expect to get 4 balls out? Of course not. Same with energy. You cannot get out more than you put in. Never. If you already know this - you are a con man. If you don't already know this, you are a failure.

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As to "your" proposal, i recommend you take a trip to the hardware store like i suggested below and invest the $5. It'll be a very cheap, yet very valuable lesson in physics.

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