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DA Morgan on Jun 11, 2002 at 11:56

Re: Success... (Sparrow)

Here's your posting in its entirety.
Really chafes your as-pirin, don't it DAM?

Take two and call me in the morning. (Altho why he'd want to call me "in the morning" I'll never know...Nyuk, nyuk!)

History will measure the man, not pundits like the radical left -- or -- the radical right. What this country really don't need is another "Slick Willy"...whom history will also measure....
Not chafed.

Here's my response:
They all do: GOP, Democrat, Left, Right, Center.

What else is new?
Success bullet? What success bullet? Perhaps you can point it out to me.

And you might want to go back to taking Aspirin as it seems to me you may be taking some other kind of medication.

And yes the newbies should pay attention. Perhaps after they find Waldo they can find the success bullet.

And exactly when are you going to stop putting Clinton up as a straw man? 2003? 2030? 2300? No one cares about him anymore any more than they care about Gerald Ford.

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