Re: Universe is only seven days old

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DA Morgan on Jun 11, 2002 at 11:47

Re: Universe is only seven days old (Southern Man)

The CMB can not move as it is not an object. Our so-called movement is a calculation, somewhat artificial in nature, based on red shifting of photons.

Space has no preferential velocity, in fact it has no measurable velocity at all. The question is nonsensical.

All there is is the universe ... period. No inside, no outside, no center, no edge, no movement, no velocity.

Things within the universe move relative to each other ... not relative to the universe. Which is the entire point of the phrase ... "reference frame."

And please don't "play along." This is not a game. Or if it is ... it has managed to be played by those people considered the most brilliant and intelligent in the last five centuries. You can attempt to ridicule the theory because likely you don't understand them and neither does much of your assumed audience. But why don't you just attack the intellectual abilities of Einstein, Rosen, Hawking, Feynman, Gell Mann, Kaku, etc. That would be more fun to watch: At least for me.

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