the answer is no

Posted by bobbapink on Jun 11, 2002 at 10:28

Re: Limbaugh and Meteorologist 'debunk' global warming... (Sulpicius)

What rush sez about it is moot. In fact, he's mistaken. The satellites indicate an upward global trend per decade of about +0.053C (NH=+0.129C, SH=- 0.023C.) since measurements came online in 1979. If you project that trend, that's a little more than a half a degree in the next hundred years. Problem is: you can't project into the future with any degree of confidence unless you can determine and calculate every single significant event that impacts the trend. CO2 being, it would seem, one of the least of these.

But as to your question:

If the radiation was balanced, wouldn't that mean the earth would be much, much colder?

the answer is no. If the earth does not get rid of exactly the amount of (heat)energy it takes in, it will get warmer. If it gets rid of more than it takes in, it will get colder.

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