Re: Universe is only seven days old

Posted by Southern Man on Jun 11, 2002 at 07:56

Re: Universe is only seven days old (DA Morgan)

There is no edge in terms that you could go to that place and see that "here" there was space and "over there" there is no space. Mass/energy creates space. Therefore when you "see" something it can not be on the edge. If you try to go to the edge your mass/energy just creates new space. Depending on whether space is flat or curved you might even end up back where you started. But you can get close enough with CMB radiation to see where the "edge" would be if you could measure it. The CMB radiation comes from the surface of the Big Bang as it created space.

But I’ll play along for a while. How would you explain our observed speed with respect to the frame of reference of the CMB? Is the CMB moving with respect to the “real” universe? If the universe is a big wad of space all folded in on itself so that there is no center, why would the CMB be observed to be moving through that wad of space? What gave space a preferential velocity with respect to the Big Bang?

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