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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 11, 2002 at 05:11

Re: use 100% of your brain... (anyman)

Is it a myth or reality? Its a difficult one to prove either way.
Psycologicaly I am swure we have all been told by a frustrated teacher at school "if only you would use your brain" So as a child you might well take the easy way out after that being said to you, and
virtually give up on that particular subject?
Then again the article states one obvious fact.
That-"The function of a damaged brain area in a young brain can be taken over by remaining brain tissue. There are incredible examples of such recovery in young children who have had large portions of their brains removed to control seizures. Such miraculous recovery after extensive brain surgery is very unusual in adults"

Must mean that a brain is able to rewire and rejoin cut synapses...if it is young enough.

It may well be that if a child's brain is not given enough visual input, or data when young-
no amount of learning when mature will make much difference?

It seems that everybody has some brain attribute they are best at.
I wonder what Sulpicious regards as being the better quality to get on, in this modern age?
Long, or short term memory, Visual recall, Sound recall, 3D visualization (as in geometry, or engineering?)or Logical output? -as in writing or
speaking? Or any other? I would be interested.

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