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Posted by anyman on Jun 10, 2002 at 21:56

Re: The Martian Dialogs - final chapter (bobbapink)

you right...

overcrowding is not a problem

i remember seeing a calculation some years ago (i think it was for the population at 5 billion rather than at the present 6+ billion) that showed that if every person alive was given 1 square yard (meter?) of land, they could all easily fit into the land area of jacksonville florida (which is i think the largest city in square miles in the usa)

that doesn't mean that all of the things they require to live would also be available but there are other calculations for many of those, including one i saw recently that broke down the fresh water available for every one of six plus billion was far more than adequate

the jacksonville illustration only serves to help us see how far we really are from overcrowding this phenomenal orb

now i guess someone is going to point out that this is another one of those urban myths that i swallowed uncritically :-)

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