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DA Morgan on Jun 10, 2002 at 18:43

Re: That's central to the issue (bobba)

I know of no line in the Bible that points out that it is a sin to have a grope session with a teenage cheerleader on the back of an elephant when you are an 80 year old one-eyed hunchbank. Does that make it ok?

If you want to claim that a lack of comment doesn't preclude ... there is also nothing in the Bible, Khoran, or Torah that precludes invisible purple rhinos hiding under your kitchen table.

But people still connected with reality by more than a thin thread know that those who claim to be experts on the subject of the Bible's contents, and its interpretation, make claims that clearly preclude it. It doesn't say life was created on Mars either does it? Or in the oceans on Io. Or on Sirius B. Or on a planet circling a star in M51.

Perhaps the books don't need to change. Perhaps we just need to put the fraudsters in jail that sell it to the unthinking masses.

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