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Re: overunity" revised" (Southern Man)

hey man why would I want to restrict the flow that much .

that would remove to much kinetic energy.

I believe that there is apx 11,000,000 Joules
of kinetic energy in a flowing mass of water
that has a weight of 2.5 million pounds.
and a velocity of 4.5 m/sec.

2.5 million pounds = 1133975. kg
ke = 1/2mv^2
1/2 of 1133975. kg = 566987.5 kg
ke = 566987.5 X 4.5 m/sec^2
ke = 566987.5 X 20.25 m/sec^2 = 11481496.875 J

11481496.875 J

4.5 m/sec is the apx rate of full pipe flow through a
level 48" diameter smooth wall plastic pipe that has a verticle 48" diameter upstand pipe with a height of 32 feet at one end and runs level a distance of 3280 ft and has no obstruction at the other end.

and in order to maintain this flow at this rate
the exact amount of fluid discharged must be returned into the 32 ft upstand each second.

this means that you would need to replace a slug of water 48" in diameter with a lenght of 4.5 meters each second.

this slug of water must be lifted to a height of 32 ft.

48" = 1.2192 m
radius = 0.6096 m
r^2 = 0.37161216
r^2 X pi = 1.1668621824
the cross sectional area of the slug of water = 1.1668621824 m

4.5 m X 1.1668621824 m = 5.2508798208 m^3
1 m^3 = 1000 kg
5.2508798208 m^3 X 1000 kg = 5250.8798208 kg

to force required to lift this mass.
f = mg = 5250.8798208 kg X 9.8 m/sec^2 = 51458.62224384 N

to lift this mass to a height of 32 feet in one second.
32 ft = 9.7536 m
W = 51458.62224384 N X 9.7536 m = 501906.8179175179 J

this is being lifted in one second so

501906.81 J/sec

the kinetic energy of the moving mass is
11481496.875 J

in order to have energy something must give energy to something correct.

tell me how can 11 million J of energy be supplied or provided by only 501 thousand J.
and if the pipe were longer this difference of energy would increase.
where is the extra energy comming from?
could it be in the free lunch box?
or hidden somewhere in my bootstraps?

it cannot be denied that energy can be taken from this flow of fluid.

and if energy is taken in a small amount using
propellers or " kaplan " turbines that would not obstruct the flow to a large degree then by taking only a portion of this kinetic energy you
could extract the amount of input energy and maintain the flow and extract additional energy.

true you could fill the pipe with obstructions
and reduce the flow to a great extent and by doing so the obstructions would be absorbing the
amount of kinetic energy that the flow would
normaly have without the major obstructions.

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