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Genesis 19:3 "And he pressed upon them greatly; and they turned in unto him, and entered into his house; and he made them a feast, and did bake unleavened bread, and they did eat."

Exodus 12:15 "Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread; even the first day ye shall put away leaven out of your houses: for whosoever eateth leavened bread from the first day until the seventh day, that soul shall be cut off from Israel."


Bread's story

Welcome at the 11th hour. I am Ion Dumitrescu, I was born in 1945, on the 13th of January, in Bucharest…
"Bread's story" is our own story, of life, even if it was written too little about bread, it was a reason for us to eat much of it. It's a prioritarian aliment that we depend on…
It's the story of our evolution as well as you have evolved from clients to subscribers-consumers; we initiate this procedure and especially the deed or the merchandise, to give it a sense for you, and if you want so, this one to be unique…
Natural Bread is not a curiosity, a whim, it is waiting for us for more than two thousand years, it taking part in the "biblical" nourishment, I only give you a few data about this alimentation, enumerating the four basic products: the azyme, ambrosia, nectar and manna…
We'll have the occasion to talk more about them…
Elta University Association, as a consequence of researches, has remade these products and we're dealing with natural (unleavened) bread for the moment.
The majority of the ones who solicit this product have the suffering, the other ones considering themselves healthy, but it becomes interesting that the healthy ones are avoiding diseases, that's just why let's see how many diseases possesses our health. The fact that at present it's not being written about pathology of health is determined by the mentality of the allopathic medicine of being superfluous, formal, experimental, relying very much on chemotherapy, but for not lengthening the discussion about bread too much, one of the parents of medicine, Hippocrates is known at present only under the so-called medicine men's oath. Medicine was a philosophy for Hippocrates, a pedagogic factor and the precept we're referring to: "Thy food shall be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food". In my opinion, this is the oath of life on which I've been relying for the last 20 years, and not only me, but also thousands of people, from other countries too, who have participated in the courses of Elta University. I cannot go further without paying my respects to the Swiss doctor Ernst Gunter who has reached the same conclusions, which have avoided so many consequences…
About the diseases of our health, health is only a metaphorical term, as well as the "ministry of health", so if we could write, we'd remain surprised by so many things that mentality has treated indifferently. In the main, each organ is a suffering one, but let's take it from the top to the bottom, the basic disease called arteriosclerosis, at present, is installed at 13-15 years old. It is not felt by the so-called suffering, pain, but it may be noticed by the fact that we move less easily, we avoid walking and physical actions in general. We can offer a few data for beginners: the circulatory system of blood, based on a system of pipes -if we unite them, there is obtained a length of 170,000 kilometers (the Earth-Moon distance), are divided into three categories: arteries, capillaries and veins. It is a mechanical (physiological) system, through which circulates an immeasurable quantity of sanguine substance (from the toe to the brain, blood's speed requires only 3 seconds). So it's conveyed, except blood, a so-called liquid organism, but as a consequence of the alimentation obtained by thermic treatments (denaturalization) -many substances by oxido-reduction… more concretely: from organic (natural), they become mineral. But for saving thermic treatments, we also take them on the oral cavity: the water, the sodium chloride (common salt), and drugs, for the last hundred of years. These substances are rallied by the sanguine flux, a great deal of them are deposited on the interior surface of the blood vessels. In the long run the deposits get thicker and we may say that our arteries and veins have become inflexible…
We go on with the other diseases, we don't get to the details, you can find these ones in so many books on medicine, available in any bookstore.
Dermatology is a vast and spectacular field, but rather spectacular than of research, but the show has no happy-end. We begin with puberty when the first eporeic problems (acne) appear. We stand well and badly at this chapter but nobody feels that it's about a dermatitis that becomes generalized, we get used to it but let's not forget that the derma is the second kidney, having the surface of about 2 square meters, but I promised not to get to the details anymore…
The cause and causes are determines by the denaturalized nourishment.
Stomatology, another novel, in which the heroes (characters) fall one after another. The same cause, plus the thermic effects (an ice-cream or a hot soup).
Cardiology also ensures the contribution between a materialistic pathology, besides we are very kind-hearted too, it's just that the protagonist doesn't quite handle it; except the other causes, there also intervene the ones from psychology: selfishness, haughtiness, vanity, all of them endured by this organ (associated with the Sun in astrology). Only about this chapter could be written a whole library, but I would end with a simple conclusion: be good for having a good heart…
Let's look at the liver from a distance, because it is a meat pie seen from nearby and the army of over 200,000 doctors, together with another one of 400,000 assistants, have won after hard struggles, so the population has been convinced: instead having a healthy liver, it's a patriotic act to have hepatitis. The ones who were perseverant have reached cirrhosis. Same cause, same effects…
About nutrition (alimentation), nutritionists are the first victims, offering an example of courage and abnegation. To them we owe the vast void of alimentation, it remains that the Swedish Academy to continue its real courage, of melting the materialistic glaciation. About eyesight, over 80% of the population is at various levels of affection. Hearing, the locomotor system and other acuities are subdued to the same regime, in which the cause is the denaturalized nourishment. But let's finish with this stringing, quickly passing over the encephalon affections, finalizing with one of the most famous as truth but unknown as ignorance: the erotic experience (this one kills in fact… but still it give us life).
Other original details you can find in Elta University's bibliography, beginning with the "17 Collection", which contains over 50 original titles, on the audio tapes under the form of magnetic tape or CD, but you also have filmed lectures on CD's at hand , all these are available for you. Related to the filmed CD's, there you can see live lessons of preparing natural food, as well as lectures of a holistic dimension that can contribute to recognition.
Returning to the natural bread, it is the first step of outgoing from this halting place of an indescribable pathology, patiently and especially with common sense and even courage, no one will oppose to the escape from this agony. Each one is indebted to thoroughly study, to defend the own rights for health even if these ones are contradictory to mentality and to the official course of the materialistic science. We don't intend to advertise in these texts of bread's story, but on the contrary, to speak about our fate at the 11th hour. I was talking about courage, this one is necessary, I already believe you had enough many conflicts, this one is the test by which not anyone has access to the freedom of life. In our experience we have noticed many such tests in which the ones who wished for such things, were brought back in the lines because they have given up making such blunders…
Referring to patience, the passing from an alimentation to the other can't be done by will, wish, purpose… It is a primordial act, so that mimetism has no chance for solving anything, a well-documented experience is necessary, that's just why we support you with these texts as well as with the other ones; the way, the longer -the surer it is, we'll walk together, situation that requires to know each other, I was referring to common sense, itself the two words tell everything about this aspect.
One single flower can't make the spring, respectively the natural bread, after you'll surpass a phase, the same menu as for the other ones is waiting for you because we have a motto: the taste, form and color to be kept. So you'll meet a lot of soups, dishes and drinks that I realized together with the team during over the 12 years.
Why do I say the first phase that you must pass? Since the very beginning we must accept a consequence of this classical alimentation, one of the constants of our body is the so-called pH, or the base-acidity proportion. We're not told too much by the fact that the basic elements must be over 70%, respectively the acid ones - about 20%. At present, to our stupor, it is inverted. I don't have pretensions that these words to impress you, but when it's too late we say: "And if I knew!…" Now you only read these words "and if I knew", "and if I knew" is a constant of consciousness… Except the situation of pH, the over 11 meters of digestive system of pipes, together with the two cavities, oral and anal ones, lined with a mucous membrane, this one is burned, degraded, degenerated…
Only thanks to these two aspects we do that the natural alimentation to which you're going to dedicate yourselves not to be taken directly and unconsciously. The physiology of this system, the physical body, has become adapted to this messing up of pH, so we must take it step by step, this one is the first phase I was referring to. I'm giving you a simple example: milk is the only product we use at birth, after which we avoid it like the devil avoids incense and yet mothers don't pasteurize their milk from the breast, offering their children the so-called raw milk. Let's not forget children's physiology, where at least the pH is within the normal limits. But let's convince the devil not to avoid incense anymore; I liked milk very much too, at the beginning I didn't know what is pasteurization, but when I passed to this alimentation, I saw that milk is a prioritarian produce that restores the pH, it's just that it must not be pasteurized. The cow has no time for such a thing in fact.
And yet, on our background, drinking this natural milk is something terrible and you'll agree with the other ones that things are like this or like that. Concretely, since the moment when you decided (mental action) upon this alimentation, referring to the milk, which must be natural, we must understand one thing: not to take milk for a drink (the new-born children don't drink, but suck the milk). It's better to know that this natural product is an extremely complex lymphatic substance. Maybe my method would work: I was having 3 teaspoonfuls of milk at the beginning, after an hour - other 3, so I habituated the organism not to react anymore; even now, after 20 years I use the teaspoon for milk, or in situations when I can make abstraction of teaspoons, I take a mouthful of milk that I don't swallow immediately; I let at least 10 seconds pass, after which I swallow it slowly, but even at this level, the daily portion has no sense to surpass half a liter…
Again we return to the natural bread, it is a curiosity for the moment, and treated as such. We are the only producers of such curiosity, in producer's hall of fame; after me the Germans would be on the second place, it's just that they use water (after what we say and what we'll say, to our surprise, water does not take part in life). So it's a fibrous product; the Americans are more and more convinced of this proportion of the fibers, they are on the good way but there's still a lot to go; in our case, the fiber (let's not forget that any alimentary fiber is a diminutive of cellulose), is the wheaten bran. By moistening it with whey from the natural milk, with a condiment at homeopathic dimensions, respectively caraway, are obtained these lamellas by their dehydration, this natural bread. Let's see two aspects as an argument: Elta University's philosophy is the passing from pasteurization to dehydration (Louis Pasteur will breathe eased that uncle Ion helped him). The other argument: when you hear from the kitchen "- Who ate bread's crust?"… indeed, these lamellas have a specific taste, respectively pleasant. Let's not forget that thousands of people at present (the process being irreversible) consume this natural bread. In the process of fabrication, this paste that we do may receive many and wonderful other products such as natural bread with cheese, with red pepper, similarly with chicken egg, with corn and in the case of "believers" we replace incense with water…
It's amazing even for us that this natural bread is both medicament and aliment since antiquity, and an eased breathing and one of the first surprises is the decreasing of glycemia at diabetics, they can practically give up insulin. Dystrophy, rachitis, obesity, dermatoses, defective nutrition massively disappear (let's not forget that other name of this natural bread is "Lord's bread"). Let's make a first conclusion at this meeting, you'll save yourselves, saving the other ones, and this thing thanks to the personal example, the allopathic medicine with the 700,000 soldiers won't harm us at all. What we have realized on the worldwide plan, responsible factors begin to move something, let's not forget that these days the Swedish people has pulled an alarm signal. Other ones will follow too, it's just that the Elta school has a large advance besides the other ones. Even if you'll say to your turn: "What can Nazareth give birth to?", it takes part in your tests…
From now on, once with receiving your pack, you'll also have this spiritual alimentation, together with the one determined by the natural bread, both of them are one. For questions, particular data, you may solicit us by our e-mail ( or you are welcome in a visit at the factory-laboratory, where you'll see the team working here; it has finished with natural nourishment too, more concretely you burst into laughter, interference is no longer a passion, we rely on the cosmic energy and go forth for being in front.
Ion, May 10, 2002, Caim


I would not appeal to you, but the opinion of a chief editor of "Freedom" ("Libertatea") daily paper from Bucharest (Romania) of not continuing in his paper a string of articles determined by the National Food Administration from Sweden... and here I agree to the responsibility assumed, but I don't agree that there is not given an alternative for this situation. Exactly this alternative Elta University can offer... I would like, on this occasion, that some of you to have researches in this direction of the alternative, which refers to the natural nourishment, and I'm referring from the holistic viewpoint. To make these pieces of truth public, without also offering a solution... because vegetables and fruits will be boiled on. Prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe Mecinicopschi, from the Institute of Alimentary Chemistry from Bucharest, gives a solution for replacing white bread for brown bread... Brown bread uses integral flour, the solution is only partial.

What does the word "unleavened" actually mean ? If you divide the word into 2 parts :
un - leavened, the prefix "un" means"without" and "leaven" refers to the yeast usually used to make bread rise.
Therefore, Unleavened Bread is a bread made solely from wheat flour and water, without yeast.

Thus, Unleavened bread, discovered by these Hebrews who wandered the Sina? desert for 40 years, has satisfied man's need to eat since Antiquity.
Digestible, light and crispy, Unleavened Bread can also form the basis of a number of simple and nourishing dishes. It is extremely versatile and keeps for a long time. Try our organic Unleavened Bread, and rediscover the smell and taste of a very ancient tradition - of course in Antiquity, the wheat was "naturally" organic !

Up-to-the-minute technology, security and an optimum level of hygiene are the 3 vital components which allow us to offer you a truly authentic and natural Unleavened Bread. With the greatest respect to tradition, we have reproduced the methods of making this product, which is, after all, one of humanity's most ancient breads.
The tradition of Unleavened Bread goes back to the time of the Hebrews. At the time of their rapid exodus from Egypt, the Hebrews had no choice but to make their bread without the time to let it rise. This is how Unleavened Bread originally came about.

In the researches of Elta University, in the initial phase was used water for preparing natural bread (azyme), at the sample kept since 3 years ago it's noticed a degradation at the level of colour, determined by water (H2O). This water determines oxydation, which is a natural fact. The term "water" is metaphorical in the Bible, in reality it refers to the ether, in which the oxygen cannot be found. We could discuss in a separate chapter on this theme, the definition from above is very close to the truth, but also for the Hebrews from Egypt, the bread was expensive, so they remained only with the bran. And all the bad to the good. Nile's water was cheap, but for passing over these things, our materialistic experience plays tricks on us, which we can deconspire by consequences. In the case of trisecals, the content is inside their exterior side. In the classical recipe, water had the role of binder, as well as other subtle aspects. We have replaced this mineral liquid for another organic liquid, as much as denigrated as the respective bran. It's about whey. It is a limphatic liquid, obtained from the process of natural milk's fermentation, respectively this transparent liquid is sweet (basic) in the first phase; it is the real milk in fact. I'm sure that Jews too, as well as the other ancient nations, that could not afford, but were allowed by their wisdom, to use this component of the milk. It's known that it is purely thrown away at present. The azymes obtained with its help are visibly superior, preserving their color for years. As I said in "Bread's story", where I was referring to the Biblical (ancient) nourishment, the 4 products have been achieved in the researches of Elta University. Excepting them, they used olives, grapes, seeds, and the whole series of vegetables by a technology in which the thermic effect was not used. From here results that these nations did not use water. Why am I saying this thing? Seeing the experience of the Elta University members (a few thousands of people), they practically don't use water for drinking. It seems to be a paradox, something uncomprehensible, it was a surprise even for us: the organism needs no mineral elements at all. And yet it needs minerals under the organic form. Medicine knows them, but the commerce hinders their use, because these ones cannot be industrialized. This way we can talk for hours, I'm expecting to realize a common opinion, by an exchange of information, because I'm sure, as well as you also notice a genocide provoked by nobody, that we can realize a deviation, step by step, of the mentality upon nourishment. Governements cannot handle anymore the sector of social protection, receiving alarming signals from the United States, but the situation has been generalized, so as at present moment it is imperative an opinion with clear and pragmatic data, ideas and pieces of advice cannot stop this genocide. And thanks to this chief editor, let's thank him that he got me out of the quietness of a man who leads a healthy life, thanks to this natural nourishment, but it's just that I wish that other people too to profit by the right for life, in the proper sense, I wish that our in collaboration, facilitated by this technological jewel (the Internet), to do something for this mankind. Thank you.

Ion, Romania, June 4, 2002, h 01:24 EET

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