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paul baughn on Jun 08, 2002 at 11:21

Re: overunity" revised" (damian thorn)

you have not shown overunity in any means.
increase the flow into the pipe.

you will still get the energy you put in out.

put a propeller turbine in the pipe.

if water flowing can turn this propeller turbine then there has been a amount of energy transfered to the propeller.

this energy can be moved outside the pipe and thus the ( overunity )

I am not a respector of physical laws as you can see.

I am a respector of physical occurances.

your shabby decietful attempts to relate
this example to the second law of thermodynamics is common among the brainwashed masses of physicist.

if the word overunity in found the brain starts clicking out the little sayings that you have supplied like a child repeats what he hears.

your use of ( trained ) is correct.

the aftermath remains

1 unit in
1 unit out
and now a mechanical unit out.


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