Re: overunity" revised"

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damian thorn on Jun 08, 2002 at 11:04

Re: overunity" revised" (paul baughn)

the only thing you have proven is that the 1 gallon of water has pushed the entire mass of water in the pipe.

you have shown that you can get the same energy back that you put in.

so you have reached a equalibrium.
you have not shown overunity in any means.

reach down and grab your bootstraps and pull really hard and see if you can lift yourself into the air.

there is no free lunch.

this violates the laws of conservation.

the second law of thermodynamics.
clearly states that you cannot get more umph out than you put in.

anyone (trained) in physics will tell you the same things.

sorry your overunity example will be shot down by any (self respecting scientist) even if it is for the sole purpose of pier relations.

how many people do you know who will stick his or her head on the chopping block to agree with you?
you will find no help.

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