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paul baughn on Jun 07, 2002 at 20:58

Re: overunity" revised" (damian thorn)

whats my point.

take a 3280 ft long pipe with a diameter of 48 inches.

put two 90 degree elbows on the ends of the pipe.
point the elbows up.

fill the pipe with water.
so that the water level is at the top of each elbow.
now slowly put 1 gallon of water in one end.

you will find that 1 gallon will come out of the opposite end.

the energy required to lift the 1 gallon
will be returned at the opposite end in the form of potential energy.

the point is that the entire mass of water between the elbows has moved.

you have energy in a moving mass.

energy balance....

1 unit of energy in
1 unit of energy out

many units of energy in between the elbows.

overunity in a un-deniable fashion.

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