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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 07, 2002 at 08:24

Re: Don't be so hard on them... (DA Morgan)

Having actually read part of it before commenting on what it says I can tell you that your lack of interest in reducing your ignorance is appalling. GWB didn’t denounce it. It totally supported what it says. What he denounces is the false stories that were being circulated about what it said. I suppose you are equally disgusted with the Mr. Rickman (the original author at Los Alamos) since he has retracted the statement you found so captivating. How dare he correct an error in reporting. Just another piece of paper written for political reasons and explained out of three sides of his mouth.

Yes, it is impossible for reporters to convey all the meaning of sources to the public. Sometimes they make mistakes. Your original posting was a trivial error that wouldn’t affect understanding of the science of the subject by anyone with enough knowledge to understand the rest of the article. A simple typo easily explained. The seemingly intentional misreporting of the EPA report and your refusal to even consider that the media wasn’t telling the whole truth is far more damaging to the science of the matter. Reading even two pages of the EPA report introduction and overview would clearly demonstrate that there was intentional misreporting of what the report says. When GWB comes out and tries to correct the false reporting he is the one who is wrong? Seems as if you have far more interest in the politics of global warming than the science. Let's stick to science here. There are a lot of other places on the internet that you can spout your political opinions. Let's try to stick to science here.

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